Bristol Volunteer Registration

To register as a volunteer (individual or family team) for Hope Bristol 2018 click on 'Add an adult' or 'Add a child'.
When your group is complete, click 'Checkout' to continue to payment options.

Cost: £5/£10
Early bird deadline: before 26th February 2018
Deadline for all volunteers: 16th March 2018
Primary school aged children - £2.

If signing up for individual days of Hope Bristol 2018, please note that Noise community projects are focussed in different parts of the city on each day -
Wednesday 4th April - North Bristol
Thursday 5th April - South Bristol
Friday 6th April - East and Central Bristol (and some family fun events in other areas)
Saturday 7th April - Family Fun Events across the whole of Bristol (and also community projects)

Youth clubs/cafes, sports activities, kids clubs and senior events are happening each day in different areas but please let us know in 'other details section' if you are part of one of those teams already.